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What do you take into account when you design a visual identity for a company that presents subjects like child abuse and domestic violence?

Wilde Kastanje Training / Opleiding is a dutch educational institution that provides training and education for professionals about how to handle in cases of child abuse and domestic violence. Their target audience is predominantly female, socially orientated, highly educated and aged between 30-50. They hired me to give them sufficient guidance to develop a visual strategy.


Firstly, my research started off with a company exercise to define the companies status quo. In conclusion, we have found answers about their target audience, unique selling point, competitors and future. There are many reasons to perform company research. Above all, it will define very clear goals and will bring strategy.


Is to reflect a positive message (relevant content and visual style), one of their unique selling points. My solution to use bright and positive toned down primary colours and a modern, positive san-serif font. This will also attract female audience without excluding male visitors (third goal). A copywriter was included to develop a consistent positive tone of voice. The second goal is to increase and simplify bookings for trainings. I stripped down their services and gave WK tools to simplify. I designed a clear web page with a simple tool to book training in one step. The third goal is to reach their target audience. Therefore, My design choices, UX/UI design and images were picked with target audience in mind. In addition my advise was to engage in social media and target marketing campaigns.


My role: Visual Strategy, Customer Research, Project Management, Concept & Execution of Design for all branding purposes.

Collaboration: Photography by Arjen Benning. Webdeveleopment by Joeri Wetters. Copywriting by Mees van der Made.