It is always a great honour to be asked to design a birth card. One of the most important announcements in your life! All the designs you find on my website are personalised. Yes, you can order a cheaper card online, but it will not be as unique for sure. As you can imagine, a unique design takes a lot of effort and time to create.

First I gather the parents thoughts, make a design proposal. Then tweek until I find the right tune that resonates with all involved. Then we find the right printing technique, the right paper. Keep in mind, to create a card like this you have to be in time to get your spot on my schedule.

But then you have the result! Many parents ask me to do wall papers, art, mugs and t-shirts with the same print. And why not, this baby is worth it!

Feel free to get in touch to make an appointment for your unique birth card design.

The costs will be calculated according to your wishes. If you have questions about this, just give me a call.


Birth cards
Birth card

Only the very best for your child!

There are so many possibilities when it comes to printing techniques. From metallic foils, to handmade papers, to letter press. Everything is possible. But it can be difficult to understand for young parents what it all means, what you should choose and if it is still within your budget. I can help you with that, no worries.