Boy Meets Gun
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Boy Meets Gun is a movie directed by Joost van Hezik. In the film poster design I tried to best capture the mood of the film, a light-hearted black comedy. The posture of the main character is slightly bended forward like a washed out man with lack of confidence. By enhancing the color and brightness of the eyes to highlight that touch of renewed confidence. Adding the moths coming out of his head to convey absurdism and the most important pillar: transformation.

Summary of the movie:
The life of evolutionary philosopher Maarten seems to have grinded to a halt. His dreary existence undergoes a metamorphosis when he witnesses a stick-up with deadly results in a supermarket and coincidentally ends up with the murder weapon in his hands. The gun now in his possession, his confidence returns. But the romance that blooming between him and the weapon cannot remain without consequences. The story, peppered with black humour, has an unusual, surprising perspective.
Graphic design movie poster boy meets gun
Film Poster boy meets gun