Animated serifs to create a horror feel

For this GenZ movie about a young male vampire that unexpectedly finds true love in the lonely outcast Bram. After leaving a trace of dead bodies he tries to resist his need for blood so he can be with his love. But the urges are so strong. Will Bram’s love survive this dangerous liaison?

To create a real horror feeling I animated the serifs of the main title. The serifs grow longer like the fangs of a vampire. Unstoppable part or their nature. It creates an eerie vibe complementing the movies general approach & feel.

My choice for a pointy italic and serif font was quickly made because it really has this slight dangerous shapes. A font that you can hurt yourself on. Above you see the first frame and below the last one. Look at the serifs and see the transformation, the grow.

The credit font is more GENZ, now and a bit more rave / industrial party feel. It gave the credits a bit more body and underground vibe.