Title Design, custom texture artwork backgrounds, credit design & Poster design for Fox & Hare save the forest. 

For Mascha Halberstad previous movie ‘Oink’ or ‘Knor’ I was responsible for the custom design of the Main Title / Logo of the movie. The collaboration went very smoothly and my style and visual choices are very much in line with the vision of Mascha. Therefor she decided to continue working with me for het new Animated movie Fox & Hare (Based on the book: Vos & Haas en de Bosbaas. Written by Sylvia vanden Heede, Illustrated by Thé Tjong-Khing. Published by Lannoo publishers, Tielt, Belgium).

For the artwork I hand created a woodcut print-like texture that reminds of fur and wood at the same time. This tactile texture supports the font and the animated characters that appear in front. The color is suitable for both boys & girls (with orange as the leading color). The direction is created for children (age 5-9) as well as adults (their parents 30-45). The request was that it should not be too child-like. With the black texture it has enough body to support a more sophisticated look.