Tric Trac Toko logo
Tric Trac Toko
Camping Buitenland
Logo, Stamp & Menu design

Pop-up galore! This tiny restaurant started as a food truc and is now full integrated as a horeca-in-horeca establisment at Camping ‘Buitenland’ in The Netherlands. Serving small creative dishes that change every week.

For the design of the logo, menu and stamp for other marketing materials I incorporated the illustrative elements: day/night, food, games (tric trac is a game). In the kitchen all staff wore black and white checkered clothing. It has a lot of fun, movement and hand-made feeling to it. The visual style had a lot of possibilities to incorporate in merchandise like tin cups, canvas bags, t-shirts and caps.

Tric Trac Toko Logo
Tric Trac Toko logo