For three times Golden Kalf winner animation movie Knor / Oink I have created an animated font and illustrations for Title design. The concept behind the font is that I wanted to create a ‘sausage – like’ letter in the color of a little pig. The titles are completely hand drawn and stop-motion animated by me in photoshop. To add a little edge to the design and not to make it too ‘sweet’ I decided to use a linoprint black texture background. The main title also gives the suggestion to grow, just like the little piglet called Knor in the movie does.

For two international distributors I was asked to custom create the main title in their language. Below you find the French version ‘ Un amour de Cochon’ and the English version ‘Oink’.

Next to the titles I was also asked to create the ‘Pre-Poster’ for the Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. This was an important moment for a poster because at this premiere all the international buyers would decide to pick this particular movie to screen in their country. The official poster that is now in cinemas is not made by me.