Movie Poster & Title Design
Studio Ruba

For this movie poster I illustrated a non-existing scene that catches the core of the movie. I wanted to captivate some sort of early ’90 cult like poster design – because in the movie scenes are inspired by jacky brown, Arif Sag & Pulp Fiction. When combining the heavily saturated illustration with this sans serif font and light background to make it more modern and now. The colors green and pink, used in the illustration, are very much derived from the movie set design and lighting. The image should evoke some kind of confusion and curiosity.

Title Design for the movie is also done by me in an earlier stage. I still really love the hand drawn font and it does connect to the poster but I did not use it underneath the poster illustration as it would have been way too much.

Turkish-Dutch stoner girl Gizem spends her days smoking weed on her couch while spying on her neighbours through binoculars. She doesn’t do anything with her life. According to her family, she must be cursed. Maybe she is, Gizem doesn’t want to know about it.

This changes when her quirky neighbour across the street suddenly disappears and she has to come out of her comfortable cloud of smoke if she wants to find out where he is. This is how she gets entangled in a strange adventure full of burglars, mysterious clues and comfortable mattresses. Her life is beginning to look more and more like a film.